The Cause

Our mission, our cause, our passion is to rise above. Rise above hardship, negativity, nay-sayers, haters, bullies, and anyone or anything else holding us back.

We persevere to always rise to the top.

Everyone has a past, and a journey ahead.

In this world as we endeavor to strengthen our souls and grow our inner selves, we fall victim to the mindset of thinking or feeling that we have to be one way, act one way, or do certain things for certain people to approve or for us to succeed.

Each of us is on a different stage in our life journey, but we all reach that one moment where it clicks. That one moment where we realize that we’re alive to be us. To be who we are, and not what anyone else wants us to be or wants from us. In that moment, we say “PHKM” do you!

We’re a brand all about breaking the mold, remaking the mold and breaking that shit again!

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